Safety is key in many situations in life so why not in the online world? With more cyber bullying, online fraud or paedophile cases occurring, it certainly is about time to help children protect themselves on the internet. E-safety basically covers everything related to safety online, on the web or on the internet, including the safe and responsible use of modern technology and devices with an internet connection.

In schools it’s common practice to teach staff about e-safety for using digital devices daily while teaching. But what about the parents or carers? We might not find a familiarity with e-safety. Most people know how to use the internet and their digital devices but not what to look out for and how to better control their child’s online behaviour. This infographic provided by the experts of the UK Education Blog gives you some ideas of steps you can take to be in control and protect your child on the internet.

e-safety tips and tricks for parents and teachers

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